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Application Process

Our goal is to make the application process a worthwhile developmental experience for you, and as straightforward as possible.

How to Apply

To enroll in September 2019, you must apply to Knight-Hennessy Scholars by 1:00pm (Pacific Time) on September 12, 2018, and also apply separately to the specific Stanford graduate degree program that you wish to pursue. Review the application requirements for more context.

The details are important, though.  

Separate Reviews, In Parallel

We can select you as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar only if a Stanford graduate degree program plans to admit you. As you probably know, Stanford’s graduate programs are very selective. Each graduate degree program sets its own admission criteria and decides which students to admit. This means that you need to meet all the requirements for admission to your home graduate program. Focus your application to your graduate degree program solely on that graduate program; do not consider the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program as you prepare that application. The content of your Knight-Hennessy Scholars application, however, may overlap with the content of your graduate degree program application.

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program doesn't influence admission decisions of the graduate degree programs. We will, however, stay in touch with the individual graduate programs throughout the admission process to ensure that we are designating as Knight-Hennessy Scholars only those applicants whom each program has determined are among its best.

We cannot select you as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar if you are not admitted to your department  but your department may admit you even if you are not selected as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar.

Who Sees What

After reviewing your Knight-Hennessy Scholars application, we will share our review of your application with your graduate degree program.

To ensure that we are aligned with your graduate degree program, that program then will give input to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program. We will use that feedback to ensure that the candidates who advance in the Knight-Hennessy Scholars process also are strong candidates for admission to your graduate degree program. 

In addition, we ultimately will get access to some of your graduate program application materials  in particular, we will review the recommendation letters from your graduate degree program before we decide which candidates to invite to Immersion Weekend. The reviews will happen separately, though.

No Deferrals of Enrollment

If you are selected as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar, we will not allow you to defer admission to a later year. Instead, we would ask you to reapply for admission for the year that you intend to enroll. There would be no stigma to declining admission in favor of reapplying in a future year, but neither would there be a guarantee of selection for a future intake.

We will consider exceptions to this policy only under rare, extraordinary, and unforeseen circumstances that are beyond your control (e.g., health difficulties, delayed separation from the military). 

If you already have admission to one of Stanford's graduate departments and are enrolling in 2019 or later, you may apply to be a Knight-Hennessy Scholar. Simply apply for the year that you would enroll in your graduate program. 

For more information, see our eligibility requirements or review the required application materials.



Last updated February 7, 2018