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Announcing KHS’s new podcast: Imagine A World

Knight-Hennessy Scholars announces its first podcast series, Imagine A World, featuring KH scholars interviewing members of the KH community, fully produced by scholars.
Text on red and blue background: Imagine A World

Knight-Hennessy Scholars today announces its first podcast series, launching on Wednesday, October 25. The Imagine A World podcast features scholars interviewing scholars and other members of the community, and is fully produced by scholars.

In a world marked by discord and short attention spans, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars community stands apart in its desire to seek deep conversations spanning disciplines and backgrounds. The Imagine A World podcast was conceived by KH scholars as a way to invite people into the conversations happening inside Denning House, the home of Knight-Hennessy Scholars, and hear directly from a wide variety of individuals about the questions they are wrestling with and their dreams for building a better future.

“The intractable problems in our world are failures of moral leadership and vision,” says Briana Mullen (2020 cohort), the originator of Imagine A World. “But when I’m with my Knight-Hennessy community, I find that moral leadership is abundant. I’m inspired by the dreams and visions of a greener, more equitable and just future. And I feel frustratingly guilty that we’re the only ones who get to receive and learn from this community, in this setting.”

Imagine a World invites listeners to step into Denning House and to pull up a chair. Listeners get to sit down with scholars across all degree programs as they share where they’ve come from, how it’s shaped their world view, and how they’re taking steps toward imagining a better world. Topics range from identity representation in literature to how math and law can help provide better access to medicine to solutions for sustainability in agriculture. And so much more.

Episodes will air throughout each academic quarter on popular podcast platforms and be accessible directly through the Knight-Hennessy website. KH scholars Taylor Goss (2021 cohort) and Willie Thompson (2022 cohort) serve as the hosts, with more scholars rotating through over time.

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