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PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

Aadith Moorthy

2018 Cohort, Graduate

Palm Harbor, Florida, United States

Aadith Moorthy, from Palm Harbor, Florida, is pursuing a PhD in materials science at the School of Engineering, where he researches novel energy storage devices to help the world transition to renewable energy. At the California Institute of Technology, he was a double major in materials science and computer science. Aadith aspires to become a serial entrepreneur and thought leader in deep technologies, to help solve humanity's problems with technology. He is the founder and CEO of ConserWater Technologies, a startup that helps farmers grow more with less, by using satellites and AI to predict soil moisture, nutrient and carbon levels. At ConserWater, Aadith also launched the world's first international soil carbon market, enabling corporations and governments wishing to offset their greenhouse gas emissions to pay small farmers around the world to sequester carbon in their soil through their farming practices, which are then verified by ConserWater's technology. ConserWater has been chosen as a TechCrunch Top Pick in AI and is a recipient of the AgTech Breakthrough Award. Aadith has been named a Barry Goldwater Scholar, Henry Ford II Scholar, and an American Society of Metals Scholar. He also regularly performs concerts as a professional South Indian Classical (Carnatic) vocalist.


PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, School of Engineering