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PhD in Biomedical Physics

Ashwin Kumar

2023 Cohort

Irving, Texas, United States

Ashwin Kumar, from Dallas, Texas, is pursuing a PhD in biomedical physics at Stanford School of Medicine. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and neuroscience and a master’s degree in computer science. Ashwin aspires to advance clinical neuroscience knowledge that will shape the future of medicine. Specifically, he intends to develop biomedical imaging acquisition and analysis techniques for understanding the human nervous system and related disorders. In addition, he has partnered with rural schools in Mexico and India to mitigate educational inequalities and has long-term goals to make science and education more accessible and enriching. At Vanderbilt, he conducted research to better understand and characterize the pediatric spinal cord. At Columbia, he investigated osteoarthritis bone and cartilage progression to identify early OA biomarkers. Ashwin has received numerous awards including the Goldwater Scholarship, Vanderbilt Top 10 Outstanding Senior, and Tau Beta Pi Fellowship.


PhD in Biomedical Physics, School of Medicine