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PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

Brandi Ransom

2018 Cohort, Graduate

Spring, Texas, United States

Brandi Ransom, from Spring, Texas, is pursuing a PhD in materials science and engineering at Stanford School of Engineering. At Rice University, she earned bachelor’s degrees in materials science and nanoengineering and German studies while competing as a NCAA Division I Track & Field athlete. The hype of hard drives and softwares enticed her over to the ergonomically unfavorable computational side of materials engineering. It started off small, an optimization of polymer extrusion based in excel, then a python package she adapted to predict tumor growth, and she was knee deep when she reached her senior project on data-driven development of a new super alloy. Because of these exceptional experiences that have trained her to be a master in synergizing machine learning and modeling with general science, she aids the Reed group in identifying new materials as solid Lithium electrolytes and recyclable plastics. She also enjoys baking "we tried our best" tasting and slightly above average looking cakes, and is happy to provide hyping-up services at a moment's notice.


PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, School of Engineering