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PhD in Biology

Chinmay Sonawane

2021 Cohort

Brisbane, Australia

Chinmay Sonawane, from Brisbane, Australia, is pursuing a PhD in biology at Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences. He graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in integrative biology. Chinmay seeks to explore the natural world, and understand how species interact with one another and their environments. Equally, Chinmay plans to research how animals provide ecosystem services that promote human health, economy and equity in vulnerable communities. With a particular affinity for megafauna, he has previously modeled tiger population dynamics with the Conservation and Coexistence Group, tracked wolves with the Wildlife Institute of India, and researched the public health benefits of spotted hyenas in northern Ethiopia. In his field research, Chinmay works collaboratively with local communities, and is committed to empowering young leaders, explorers and researchers from underprivileged regions of the world.


PhD in Biology School of Humanities and Sciences