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JD in Law

Claire Lazar Reich

2021 Cohort

Fair Lawn, NJ, United States

Claire Lazar Reich, from northern New Jersey, is pursuing a JD at Stanford Law School. She graduated from MIT with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and is now completing a joint PhD in economics and statistics at MIT. Claire aspires to use her legal education to contribute to financial regulation and technology law. Her PhD research demonstrates how algorithms in use today can be made simultaneously fairer and more accurate, at a time when they increasingly guide access to financial opportunities, medical treatments, and bail decisions. In college, Claire volunteered as an EMT, served as an editor in her school newspaper, and conducted research at Wrightson ICAP, Caltech, and the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering. During her PhD studies, she was awarded the MIT Presidential Fellowship and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


JD, Stanford Law School