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PhD in Anthropology

- Huzaafa

2020 Cohort

Srinagar, India

Huzaafa, from Srinagar, India, is pursuing a PhD in anthropology at Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences. She earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology, education, and English literature at the University of Kashmir, and a master’s degree in liberal studies with a concentration in political science at Ashoka University. Huzaafa aspires to further the understanding of everyday violence in societies embroiled in long-term conflict. She studied human rights and humanitarian action at Sciences Po in Paris, was a research affiliate with the Trivedi Centre for Political Data, and has interned with the Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion. While at Ashoka University, Huzaafa was a Young India Fellow, and she also received the Mother Teresa Fellowship for social impact leadership.


PhD in Anthropology, School of Humanities and Sciences