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PhD in Computer Science

Joy Hsu

2021 Cohort

Hualien, Taiwan

Joy Hsu, from Hualien, Taiwan, is pursuing a PhD in computer science at Stanford School of Engineering. She also earned her bachelor’s with honors and master’s with distinction in research at Stanford, with concentrations in artificial intelligence and biocomputing. Joy aspires to advance the field of unsupervised learning, improving machine perception on unlabelled data. She’s also passionate about bettering data equity in local governments, and works at the City of San Jose as a tech policy associate. At Stanford, she was a researcher at MARVL, affiliated with Stanford AI Lab, and the SLAC National Accelerator Lab, creating machine learning algorithms for unsupervised organelle discovery in electron tomography. She also interned at Apple Photos Search, DeepMind, and Google Medical Brain in her undergraduate career. One of her biggest passions is teaching, and she was the head teaching assistant for multiple classes at Stanford. She was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


PhD in Computer Science, School of Engineering