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PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics

Kofi Blake

2021 Cohort

Broward County, Florida, United States

Kofi Blake, from Broward County, Florida, is pursuing a PhD in aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford School of Engineering. He graduated from MIT as a double major in aerospace engineering and physics, with a political science minor. Kofi aspires to research new forms of space propulsion, while also advocating for social justice and inclusion in engineering. Kofi has conducted research on the modelling of electrospray thrusters in the MIT Space Propulsion Lab, and conducted research at Imperial College London where he developed a hall thruster with a novel use of a microwave antenna. As the first engineer assigned to the rocket, he had the honor of naming it. For four years, he served as president of his class at MIT. Kofi was the co-chair of a brotherhood at MIT dedicated to the leadership development of Black and minority men. He also volunteered as an aerospace instructor for a STEM enrichment program that serves underrepresented students.


PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics