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PhD in Communication

Matt DeButts

2019 Cohort

Arlington, Virginia, United States

Matt DeButts, from Arlington, Virginia, is pursuing a PhD in communication at Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences. At Amherst College, he received a bachelor’s degree in law, jurisprudence and social thought, and at Peking University a master’s degree in China studies. Matt intends to strengthen US-China dialogue through his work as a scholar and journalist. Before coming to Stanford, Matt wrote about Chinese economics and politics for The Economist Intelligence Unit in Beijing, covered culture as a special correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, edited the foreign affairs newsletter Legation Quarter, and published fiction in the Spittoon Literary Magazine. At Stanford, he co-hosted the 2020 Chinese Spring Festival gala and won an Overseas Press Club Fellowship with Reuters in Hong Kong. He is currently a graduate research assistant at the Stanford Internet Observatory.


PhD in Communication, School of Humanities and Sciences