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PhD in Computer Science

Myra Cheng

2022 Cohort

San Jose, California, United States

Myra Cheng, from San Jose, California, is pursuing a PhD in computer science at Stanford School of Engineering. She obtained her bachelor’s degree at Caltech, double-majoring in computer science and history. She aspires to illuminate hidden narratives and address potential harms by studying the social impacts of machine learning algorithms. She interned at Microsoft Research, where she investigated the limitations of algorithmic fairness techniques, and DeepMind, where she studied biases in large language models. She has also worked at Coursera, Nuro, and Bloomberg. At Caltech, she conducted research on algorithms that improve the quality of life for mobility-impaired individuals. She created a class where students developed technology for local non-profits and led a course on algorithmic justice and fairness. Myra received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Goldwater Scholarship.


PhD in Computer Science, School of Engineering