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PhD in Genetics

Pranav Lalgudi

2022 Cohort

San Jose, California, United States

Pranav Lalgudi, from San Jose, California, is pursuing a PhD in Genetics at Stanford School of Medicine. He graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s degree in biology, a minor in data science, and a concentration in philosophy. Pranav is keen to answer fundamental questions in biology to improve our understanding of human health. At MIT, Pranav uncovered how cells regulate metabolism in response to nutrients, processes which are disrupted in cancer and diabetes. He previously worked at Stanford, creating new tools for studying the genetic diversity of cancers. Pranav aspires to make academic research more collaborative, rigorous, and accessible. He is also passionate about addressing inequities in access to education and has worked at schools in Spain and Italy to develop more interactive STEM curricula for students. Pranav’s research has been accepted for publication in several peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, and he was awarded the NSF GRFP and NDSEG Fellowships.


PhD in Genetics, School of Medicine