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MBA in Business

Ragav Manimaran

2021 Cohort

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Ragav Manimaran, from London, England, is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He earned a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences with medical physics and bioengineering and a medical degree from University College London. Ragav aspires to improve healthcare accessibility globally by creating medically, economically and socially viable technology solutions. As a practicing physician in the UK, he has worked across emergency medicine, internal medicine and general surgery whilst contributing on the frontline to the National Health Service’s response to COVID-19. Ragav has published international peer-reviewed research in medical physics and digital health. In Europe, he worked with the World Health Organization to identify essential medical technologies for low-resource settings and supported Roche Diagnostics with cardiovascular projects. Ragav co-founded Kickstart, London’s first cross-university pre-accelerator and helped develop, fund and launch several student-startups. His work has gained international recognition from Novartis, TechCrunch and The Telegraph.


MBA Graduate School of Business