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PhD in Classics

Sinead Brennan-McMahon

2019 Cohort

Auckland, New Zealand

Sinead Brennan-McMahon, from Auckland, New Zealand, is pursuing a PhD in classics at Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences. At the University of Auckland, she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Latin. She aspires to use computer-assisted digital humanities techniques to modernize the way we study the ancient world, with a particular interest in the reception and censorship of the Classics in textual form. Sinead was a web developer at MBT Lawyers, on the editorial board of the Amphora Issue Journal, and selected to tutor and lecture in Latin and Classics at the University of Auckland. As an organizer of the AMPHORAE conference, she arranged panels on non-normative identities in the ancient world.


PhD in Classics, School of Humanities and Sciences