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PhD in Biochemistry and MD in Medicine

Theodora Bruun

2020 Cohort

Helsinki, Finland

Theodora Bruun, who is half Swedish-Finn half Bulgarian and was raised in Canada, is pursuing an MD degree and a PhD in Biochemistry. She graduated from the University of Toronto with Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Human biology and a minor in Italian, and earned a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. Theodora aspires to work in the fields of protein engineering and immunology to create vaccines against viruses, like influenza and HIV, that continue to contribute to the global health burden. She was formerly a competitive gymnast and varsity rugby player, and has worked for national and local organizations aimed at improving access to education and health literacy. Her research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. She is the recipient of Oxford's Clarendon Fund Scholarship and the University of Toronto’s John H. Moss Scholarship.


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MD School of Medicine