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PhD in Linguistics

Tilly Brooks

2024 Cohort

New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Tilly Brooks, from New Haven, Connecticut, is pursuing a PhD in linguistics at Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences. She is concurrently pursuing a JD at Yale Law School. Prior to attending Stanford, she received a BA in linguistics from Yale College, where she pursued Indo-European philology before uncovering an interest in action-based research and the relationship between language and law. Focusing both on the effects of law and policy decisions on marginalized linguistic communities and the application of linguistic theories, research methods, and tools to interpretive legal processes, Tilly researches what she calls “the law of language and the language of law.” In the long term, she aims to draw communities of legal scholars, linguists, and legal practitioners together with the common goals of advancing linguistic justice in the practice of law, and refining the use of linguistic evidence and tools for law and policy purposes.


PhD in Linguistics, School of Humanities and Sciences