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King Global Leadership Program

As a Knight-Hennessy Scholar, your graduate education will enable you to develop depth in your chosen field of study, while the King Global Leadership Program will empower you to build breadth as a leader committed to serving others. We often describe this as the “T-shaped” scholar.

The King Global Leadership Program (KGLP), funded by a gift from Dorothy and Robert King, MBA ’60, augments your graduate education with a rich menu of offerings throughout your time at Stanford (and beyond). While your leadership experiences may stretch and challenge you while at Stanford, you will have your greatest impact in the future. As such, the KGLP takes the long view by empowering you today for the leader you will be tomorrow.

Leadership Development Methodology

We cultivate a diverse, multidisciplinary community of emerging leaders from around the world and guide you to collaborate, innovate, and communicate as you prepare to address the complex challenges facing society. You might consider the community of Knight-Hennessy Scholars like a foundation upon which we build the art of leadership.

"Leadership today requires multidisciplinary and multicultural understanding. The most important problems that the world faces are often global and usually require multiple disciplinary experts to make progress. Thus, we bring together scholars from around the world and from many disciplines to create a learning environment that will help prepare all our scholars for leadership in a highly diverse and complex world." — John L. Hennessy

Within this vibrant and supportive community,  you will benefit from a three-part model to expand knowledge, develop skills, and strengthen character.

Develop Skills, Expand Knowledge, Strengthen Character Venn Diagram


While knowledge and skills are essential, leading in the right way requires character and integrity. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach in developing leaders. Rather, we curate a wide range of opportunities so that in the course of your time as a scholar you will be able to obtain what you need to succeed as a leader; focusing on your intellectual, interpersonal, and intra-personal development. 

Through an intentionally diverse blend of experiences and events, we create an environment within which you can develop and enhance your global perspective. As a scholar, you can expect to spend four to eight hours per week, on average, engaged in these activities. Some events will focus on one of the three elements of the KGLP model. Others may combine two, or even all three.  By the end of your Knight-Hennessy Scholars experience, you should have gained a clear understanding of yourself and the leadership strengths you will bring to the organizations you serve or causes you advocate.

The primary vehicles to do this are as follows:


Convening Hub

With each new cohort, the community expands and evolves at Denning House, the home (but not the residence) to Knight-Hennessy Scholars.  Most of your KGLP events occur here, as a dedicated space for “planned serendipity” that is purposefully designed for you to study and relax with fellow scholars from backgrounds different from your own and across graduate degree programs at Stanford.  Various works of art from world artists that have visited the program are displayed here, bringing the arts into your everyday life as you connect with your fellow scholars over a cup of coffee, between classes, or during a study break.  This unique environment allows multi-disciplinary collaborations to occur naturally.


Last updated June 16, 2020

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