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PhD in Chemical and Systems Biology

Pallas Chou

2023 Cohort

Fremont, California, United States

Pallas Chou, from Fremont, California, is planning to pursue a PhD in chemical and systems biology. She graduated from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree in chemical and physical biology with a secondary degree in government. She aspires to be a chemical biology professor and advise the government and other policy stakeholders. At Harvard, she researched the chemistry of enzymes that form an antibiotic, and she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to bioengineer fungi to produce enzymes that break down plants to potentially form biofuels. Pallas is also passionate about education and making opportunities accessible. She runs a nonprofit that provides free tutoring and mentoring programs to students across the United States and has conducted research on experiential STEM education.


PhD in Chemical and Systems Biology, School of Humanities and Sciences