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Leadership Development

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King Global Leadership Program (KGLP)

The King Global Leadership Program is a core part of the Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) experience. This program offers a wide range of workshops, lectures, projects, and experiences designed around the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Leadership Model. These offerings complement scholars' graduate school education and help them develop the traits and behaviors that will enable scholars to reach their leadership objectives. 

Leadership Model 

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Leadership Model describes nine traits that KHS strives to reinforce in the community, six behaviors around which KHS designs programming, and three goals for graduating scholars. In summary, KHS develops emerging leaders who have a strong multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective, a commitment to the greater good, and the tools needed to drive meaningful change.

Interlocking shapes showing the traits, behaviors and goals of the KHS leadership model: Traits (think and feel): Visionary, curious, open-minded, empathetic, courageous, ethical, humble, trustworthy, resilient; Behaviors (say and do): Inspiring, creative, collaborative, analytical, decisive, action-oriented; Goals: Multi-cultural perspective, commitment to greater good, driving meaning results.