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JSD, JSM in Law

Yotam Berger

2022 Cohort

Jerusalem, Israel

Yotam Berger, from Jerusalem, Israel, is pursuing a JSD degree at Stanford Law School, after completing his JSM degree. He graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an LL.B (magna cum laude). Yotam aspires to study social implications of criminal law, and to design more effective mechanisms of judicial review regarding matters of national security. During his undergraduate studies, Yotam served as a West Bank correspondent for Israel's daily "Haaretz" newspaper, and edited the Hebrew University "Hukim" Law Review. Following his graduation, he clerked for the Honorable Justice George Karra of the Israeli Supreme Court, and for Israel's Deputy State Attorney, Adv. Shlomo Lemberger.


JSD, JSM, Stanford Law School